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Arduino Inventors Kit for Arduino, by Kitronik
SKU: 5313-arduino
Supersuosittu Kitronikin Inventors Kit nyt myös Arduino-kasaajille. Sisältää kaikki tarvikkeet 10 eri Arduino-harjoitukseen.
€35,00  ex. sales tax
In stock 1
Arduino Maker Uno Plus: Simplifying Arduino for Education
SKU: 5314
The Maker UNO Plus is a fully Arduino compatible solution for education. Learn about and construct electronic circuits and explore physical computing.
€35,00  ex. sales tax
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Arduino Kitronik Inventor's Kit for Arduino ja Maker Uno samassa toimituksessa (5313 ja 5314 bundle)
SKU: 5315
The Kitronik Inventor's Kit for Arduino is a great way to get started with programming and hardware interaction with the Arduino. This Inventor's Kit contains everything you need to complete 10 experiments including using LEDs, motors, Phototransistors and capacitors.
€55,00  ex. sales tax
Arduino Arduino UNO Starter Kit, Projects Book, Breadboard, Components Kit
SKU: K000007
Toimitusaika normaalisti 1-2 viikkoa. *** This kit walks you through the basics of using the Arduino in a hands-on way. You'll learn through building several creative projects. The kit includes a selection of the most common and useful electronic components with a book of 15 projects. Starting the basics of electronics, to more complex projects, the kit will help you control the physical world with sensor and actuators.
Type: Other
€140,00  ex. sales tax
Arduino Braccio Robotic Arm DIY Kit, Arduino
SKU: T050000
Toimitusaika normaalisti 1-2 viikkoa. *** Avaa lukemattomia robotiikan mahdollisuuksia BRACCIOn kanssa! Voit rakentaa ja käyttää BRACCIOasi useilla eri tavoilla. Sisäänrakennettu BRACCIO-kilpi mahdollistaa servojen kytkemisen suoraan Arduino-alustalle.
€325,72  ex. sales tax
Showing 1-7 of 7 items