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BENQ 1070

BENQ 1070 (9H.JS577.13E)
BENQ 1070 (9H.JS577.13E)
BENQ 1070 (9H.JS577.13E)
BENQ 1070 (9H.JS577.13E)
BENQ 1070 (9H.JS577.13E)
BENQ 1070 (9H.JS577.13E)
BENQ 1070 (9H.JS577.13E)
BENQ 1070 (9H.JS577.13E)
BENQ 1070 (9H.JS577.13E)
BENQ 1070 (9H.JS577.13E)
BENQ 1070 (9H.JS577.13E)
BENQ 1070 (9H.JS577.13E)
BENQ 1070 (9H.JS577.13E)
BENQ 1070 (9H.JS577.13E)
BENQ 1070 (9H.JS577.13E)
BENQ 1070 (9H.JS577.13E)

BENQ 1070

  • Technology DLP
  • Contrast 3000000:1
  • Weight 2.9Kg
  • Speakers Yes
€1 410,60
€1 137,58  ex. sales tax
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Create a Sustainable Office
with Laser Technology

Laser projection technology makes your office more eco-friendly as it fosters sustainability. Our green mercury-free LH650 projector is not only equipped with BenQ SmartEco 2.0 to save power and reduce maintenance costs but its compact size and high brightness also ensure an efficient and uninterrupted meeting experience.

Maximized Savings,
Uncompromised Performance

BenQ SmartEco2.0 technology adjusts light source power intelligently without sacrificing image quality, saving 30% more energy. Laser technology conserves energy an additional 23% compared to traditional mercury lamps, while the device dims itself to minimum power in just 1.5 seconds.

Save Smartly
SmartEco 2.0 dynamically adjusts light source power by intelligently adapting to the content without sacrificing image quality, delivering optimal performance.

Save Instantly
Press the Eco Blank button to turn off the image for a period of time, reducing light source power consumption by 70%. If no signal is detected for 3 minutes, the projector enters this mode automatically.

Save Effortlessly
Auto Power-off powers down the device after 20 minutes of inactivity to save energy and minimize worry about leaving equipment on.

Driver-Free Wireless Projection
Make your BenQ LH650 projector wireless with the optional WiFi dongle. Share multimedia content, including photos, documents, and full HD videos from mobile devices or laptops without addtional driver or software downloads.

Start Presenting in a Snap
Our projector eliminates those long awkward delays that happen when slower projectors power up. Simply turn it on and you’re good to go, fast.

Auto Turns On
Automatically turns on the projector once the HDMI input signal is detected.

2D Keystone & Corner Fit
Adjust your projector's angle and corners, regardless of its location, to achieve perfectly aligned presentations.

Digital Shrink & Shift
Resize and reposition your image without moving your projector for customizable and seamless viewing.

Image Blanking
The projector's Blanking feature allows you to eliminate unwanted image areas and maximize screen space for a cleaner and more professional presentation.

Be Heard, Clearly
The built-in 10W speaker makes your presentations are loud and clear.

Your Trustworthy DLP Projector
Choose BenQ with confidence for all your projection needs. As the world's top-selling DLP projector brand for over 10 years, we deliver unparalleled performance, with the quality you deserve.

Superior Picture Quality
DLP technology delivers a class-leading high fill factor, minimizing the black borders around each pixel, and producing superior clarity and detail in text and imagery.

Long-Lasting Performance
Industrial-grade DLP technology eliminates color decay, enabling long-term image perfection.

IP5X Dust Protection
The sealed light source, certified to IP5X standards, extends the projector's product life while providing reliable projection.

Projection Fits for Every Room
Project images larger than 100” from just 2 m~3 m away (via 1.3X zoom), enabling easy big-screen viewing in rooms of any size.

Versatile Connectivity with USB-C
Experience seamless connectivity with our LH650 projector featuring a USB-C port. Connect laptops, tablets, and smartphones effortlessly using a single cable. Say goodbye to extra connectors and embrace space-saving IT management.

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