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BENQ GW3290QT 32IN IPS QHD 2560x1440 USB-C 65W DP1.2x1 HDMI1.4x1 DP

Frontpage Monitor/TV Monitor BENQ GW3290QT 32IN IPS QHD 2560x1440 USB-C 65W DP1.2x1 HDMI1.4x1 DP
BENQ GW3290QT 32IN IPS QHD 2560x1440 USB-C 65W DP1.2x1 HDMI1.4x1 DP (9H.LLHLA.TBE)
BENQ GW3290QT 32IN IPS QHD 2560x1440 USB-C 65W DP1.2x1 HDMI1.4x1 DP (9H.LLHLA.TBE)
BENQ GW3290QT 32IN IPS QHD 2560x1440 USB-C 65W DP1.2x1 HDMI1.4x1 DP (9H.LLHLA.TBE)
BENQ GW3290QT 32IN IPS QHD 2560x1440 USB-C 65W DP1.2x1 HDMI1.4x1 DP (9H.LLHLA.TBE)

BENQ GW3290QT 32IN IPS QHD 2560x1440 USB-C 65W DP1.2x1 HDMI1.4x1 DP

  • Size 31.5"
  • Resolution 2560 x 1440
  • HD Wide Quad HD
  • USB-C 2
  • DVI 0
  • DP 1
  • HDMI 1
  • VGA 0
  • Touchscreen No
  • Speakers Yes
  • 3D No
  • Screen Shape Flat
  • Height adjustment Yes
  • Swivelling Yes
  • Pivot Yes
  • Usage Personal display
€391,56  ex. sales tax
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Maximizing Productivity with Simplicity
Balance work and life efficiently and easily. With the GW3290QT, switching between devices and activities became even more effortless as one USB-C cable and integrated USB-hub connects all. Showcase your taste with impeccable details and quality, the GW3290QT presents a customizable design that accommodates every lifestyle.

Versatile Connectivity Directs Your Workflow
Perfect ports reduce cable clutter. One single USB-C™ cable simultaneously provides fast data transfer and 65W power delivery for your laptop. The thoughtfully-placed ports downstreams data and power to your phone and heightens convenience for various personal devices.

*Cables included in the package come in the color black.

Expand to Multiple Displays
Connect your computer to create a multi-monitor setup for extra screen real estate and a decluttered workspace by daisy-chaining. Utilize pivot rotation to customize views on multiple displays.

View More with Stunning Details
2K QHD showcases more space for contents on screen while delivering stunning details even in smaller fonts. Whether in working scenarios or leisure activities, GW3290QT effortlessly presents vivid contrast and lifelike images.

Tailored Modes for Multi-Usage

Coding Mode
Devised to make every color pop out for easy readability with optimized contrast and saturation of dark mode.

M-Book Mode
Dedicated to minimize the visual differences between the monitor and the connected MacBook series product.

Adjust for Higher Efficiency
The ergonomic design offers easy customization of the height, tilt, pivot and swivel of the monitor, boosting efficiency in an ideally comfortable user environment. See the whole picture and enjoy images in their full context.

Switch Seamlessly with One Click
Conveniently-placed buttons for switching between microphone, speaker, and Eye-Care needs. Utilize the 5-way controller as one-stop navigator to reach all settings.

Clear-Cut Vocals in Any Environment
No matter the environment, GW3290QT easily provides the best audio quality. Jump into meetings with clear vocals transmitted through Noise Filter Speakers and Noise Cancellation Microphone.

Noise Filter Speakers
Optimized noise-filtering technology within the built-in speakers help reduce background sound on the other end, leaving only clear vocals for better communication.

Noise Cancellation Microphone
With the integrated Noise Cancellation Microphone*, ambient sound is filtered in your environment while bringing out important vocal cues.

Separating Signal from Noise
*The Noise Cancellation Microphone only works on laptops and other external PCs when connected via USB-C.

Smart Optimization for Perfect Content Brightness
Welcoming long usages from day to night, the Brightness Intelligence sensor detects light changes in your viewing environment and actively adjusts screen brightness for comfortable viewing experiences. B.I. Gen2 allows higher degree of adjustability via customizable screen brightness to your preferences while caring for your eyes.

Leave it to the compatible software Eye-CareU on GW3290QT to remind you of time, lighting, and posture as you focus on what you do best. The pop-up access works as an assistant, allowing quick navigation and setting via its quick on-screen control.

TÜV Rheinland Certification
Global safety authority TÜV Rheinland certifies GW3290QT's Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light as truly friendly to the human eye. Eyesafe certification ensures that the display reduces blue light while maintaining vivid color.

Low Blue Light Plus Technology
The technology keeps vivid color while filtering out shorter, higher energy blue-violet radiation harmful to the eyes.

Flicker-Free Technology
The exclusive BenQ Flicker-Free Technology eliminates flickering at all brightness levels to reduce eye strain, fatigue, and headaches.

Color Weakness Mode
The red and green filters on the monitor help individuals with color deficiency distinguish colors more easily.

ePaper Mode
The simulated e-book effect with clear black and white reading layout makes a better reading experience.

Distinctive Creation meets High Functionality
The compatible accessory monitor base cover GC01 decorates and organizes. Get your tasks done fast, and with style.

Personalize Your Space
Decorate with style and fun. Bring your collection to life and complement your working environment with passion and joy.

Hold Cables Neat and Tidy
Keep your cords untangled and easy to use while the downstream USB-C™ port delivers data and power to your phone.

Arrange with Simplicity
No more scatter and search as the functional base design organizes stationery and clears your desk surface for higher productivity.

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