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BENQ ScreenBar Plus Monitor Light

Frontpage Monitor/TV Video Acc. BENQ ScreenBar Plus Monitor Light
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BENQ ScreenBar Plus Monitor Light (9H.W43QD.WP2)

BENQ ScreenBar Plus Monitor Light

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ScreenBar Plus Switch between functions quickly and easily with the desktop dial; enjoy the tactile feedback you get from the mechanical buttons. With intuitive operation, enjoying good light can be simple.​ Desktop Dial​ Easily adjust the color temperature and brightness and turn on smart-dimming mode with the desktop dial.​ The best lighting for e-reading​ Uniform and balanced illuminance that causes no reflections on the screen. Certified for flicker-free and no blue-light hazard.​ Smart Dimming​ Detects the ambient light and then supplements it to the recommended light level of 500 lux automatically. ​ The Best Operating Desktop Dial​ With the shuttle dial, you can easily switch between brightness and color temperature as well as fine-tuning the light you want in precise. ​ Turn on the smart-dimming mode with one simple click. ​ The dial is also ergonomically designed with a slight tilt to enhance comfort.​ Ultra Wide Illuminance​ Traditional lamps are designed for paper reading. With the light source concentrated in the center of the desk, traditional lamps can not effectively balance the light between the screen and the surroundings.​ With the oval lighting designed for narrow spaces in front of the screen, our monitor light bar guarantees a lighting coverage of 61cm*30cm at 500 lux, thereby illuminating clearly the documents in front of the screen. ​ Unique asymmetrical optical design​ According to research, screen reflection is one of the causes of digital eye strain. ​ The inner reflective panel with a precise curvature allows the monitor light to deliver a wide and balanced illuminance, without causing any reflective glare on the screen. ​ ​Our unique optical design also enhances the efficiency of light usage, which in turn improv Patented Clamp​ The base design of traditional desk lamps often occupies your workspace.​ No base, more space! BenQ ScreenBar Series’ patented clamp design is inspired by the hanging instinct of animals. In contrast to the clip-on design, its counterweight mechanism allows the light bar to firmly stay on the monitor without damaging the monitor itself.​ Compatible with any size of the monitor​ No matter what the monitor size is, our unique clamp design allows BenQ ScreenBar Plus to instantly and stably place on top the monitors with suitable thickness and curvatures.​ Smart Dimming​ ScreenBar Plus Monitor Light is equipped with a built-in ambient sensor that promptly detects the ambient light and then supplements it automatically to 500 lux as recommended by the American National Standard for office lighting. ​ How bright is right? No need to guess anymore! ScreenBar Plus provides you with the right light in an easy way! Multi-levels of Color Temperatures that suit your needs​ 15 levels of brightness and 8 color temperature choices for you to adjust based on your needs. ​ All 8 color temperatures are compliant with American National Standards Institute (ANSI)– Warmer lights for relaxation and energy replenishment; cooler lights allows for concentration and boosting efficiency.​ Quality Flicker-free LED Light Sources​ With the built-in non-flicker driver chip, the flicker measurement of BenQ ScreenBar Plus is far superior to the industry standard and has passed the IEEE PAR 1789 standard for LED luminaires, giving you the most stable and safe light source.​ EU Dual Certification for no Blue Light Hazard​ Conforms to EU IEC/TR 62778, IEC/EN 62471 blue light standards. The highest quality LED light source is selected to protect your eyes in all aspects.​ Multiple Certifications for Extra Safety ​ The products are made from EU RoHS compliant materials. Also certified to the EU IEC 62493 standard, the assessment of lighting equipment related to human exposure to electromagnetic fields.​ Photography-level Color Rendering Index​ Ra>95, reveals the colors of objects faithfully. Photographer-level color rendering meets your color requirements.​ USB powered​ The ScreenBar Plus can be powered by any USB outlet. Once you turn the light on, it resumes with the brightness and color temperature settings you last used to energetically welcome you back to work.​ A power supply with an output of 5V/1A or more is required to ensure that the light bar can function properly.​ The Don’t Settle for Less Philosophy​ In the eye of every detail, the BenQ Smart Lighting team never settles for less when it comes to the quality, design, functions, and appearance of our products. In collaboration with our professional optical team and studies with several universities, we are striving to uncover the secrets between light and eye care.

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