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CANON I-SENSYS FAX-L3000IP  (1484B017)
CANON I-SENSYS FAX-L3000IP  (1484B017)
CANON I-SENSYS FAX-L3000IP  (1484B017)
CANON I-SENSYS FAX-L3000IP  (1484B017)
CANON I-SENSYS FAX-L3000IP  (1484B017)
CANON I-SENSYS FAX-L3000IP  (1484B017)
CANON I-SENSYS FAX-L3000IP  (1484B017)
CANON I-SENSYS FAX-L3000IP  (1484B017)
CANON I-SENSYS FAX-L3000IP  (1484B017)
CANON I-SENSYS FAX-L3000IP  (1484B017)
CANON I-SENSYS FAX-L3000IP  (1484B017)
CANON I-SENSYS FAX-L3000IP  (1484B017)




This heavy duty, network laser fax with advanced fax, copy and print functionality is able to meet the most demanding workloads. Optional SEND functionality enhances productivity and compatibility.


  • Super G3 fax
  • 1500-page* standard memory
  • Built-in networking & PCL 5e/6 support
  • 1100-sheet paper capacity max. including optional cassette
  • Security: ID Management
  • 22cpm/ppm (A4)
  • 50-page Duplex ADF (45ipm/A4)
  • Optional SEND functionality

Robust, network laser fax with fax, print, copy and optional SEND functionality

Fast, efficient faxing
This robust fax offers the ultimate in faxing efficiency for large enterprises. A Super G3 fax modem transmits documents at 3 seconds per page* so phone costs are reduced. Multiple faxes can be received without blocking the line saving more time.

Printing and copying
Benefit from professional laser printing and copying at 22 cpm/ppm (A4). There’s a fast First Copy Out Time of Less than 13 seconds and virtually zero warm-up time from sleep mode with Quick First Print performance

Automatic duplexing and document feeding
Automatic double-sided faxing, copying and printing increase productivity and cut paper costs. The 50-page Duplex Automatic Document Feeder can scan at a rapid rate of 45 images per minute (A4). It is even capable of scanning A3 documents (simplex only).

Built-in networking
Built-in networking brings productive network printing and PC faxing to all connected users on your network. A Remote User Interface enables easy monitoring of machine status. PCL5e/6 support ensures full compatibility with existing PCL printing environments.

Optional SEND functionality
With optional SEND functionality the FAX-L3000IP acts a central communication hub for sharing office documents digitally, boosting workflow efficiency and productivity. Users can scan colour documents direct to email, network Server (SMB and FTP) or Internet Fax. Fax forwarding allows automatic or conditional forwarding of faxes to other destinations.

Large paper supply
The standard paper supply consists of a 500-sheet cassette and 100-sheet multipurpose tray. An optional 500-sheet cassette takes this up to a total of 1100 sheets for demanding heavy duty use.

Security and cost control
Department and User ID Management restrict machine use to authorised staff only and let you keep a tight check on all costs. Each department and user can be assigned a different ID or password, ensuring complete security.

Risk-free faxing
If paper or toner run out, the 1500 page* standard memory safely stores all incoming documents for printing out later. In the event of a power failure, memory back-up stores faxes and other data for up to three hours.

Speed dialling
Dialling is quick and simple, with 80 one-touch speed dials and 200 coded dials (500 maximum)** to store all regular contact numbers.


FAX unit type

  Type     Standalone facsimile with optional upgrades  
  Compatibility     Group 3  
  Applicable line     Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)  
  Modem speed     33.6K bps ( Super G3 )  
  Print technology     Laser beam printing  
  Scanner type     Duplex Sheet fed  

FAX scanning features

  Automatic document feeder     50 sheets (80 g/m² paper) A4, 20 sheets (80 g/m² paper) A3,  
  Document size     Max. 297 x 432 mm (Max. 630 mm)
Min. 148 x 148 mm (W x L)
  Effective scanning width     A3(297mm)  
  Scanning speed     45 images per minute  
  Fax resolution     FINE: 203 pels/in. x 196 lines/in. (8 pels/mm x 7.7 lines/mm)
PHOTO: 203 pels/in. x 196 lines/in. (8 pels/mm x 7.7 lines/mm)
SUPER FINE: 203 pels/in. x 392 lines/in. (8 pels/mm x 15.4 lines/mm)
ULTRA FINE: 406 pels/in. x 392 lines/in. (16 pels/mm x 15.4 lines/mm)
STANDARD: 203 pels/in. x 98 lines/in. (8 pels/mm x 3.85 lines/mm)
  Image processing system     UHQ (Ultra High Quality)  
  Halftone     256 greyscales  

FAX printing features

  Printing method     Laser beam printing  
  Print speed     22 pages per minutes (A4)  
  Print resolution     600 x 600dpi, 1200 x 600 dpi (enhanced)  
  Smoothing     Yes 1200 x 600 dpi (enhanced)  
  Paper capacity     500 sheets paper cassette (64 to80 g/m²)  
  Optional cassette     500 sheets paper cassette (64 to80 g/m²)  
  Multifeeder     100 sheet auto sheet feeder (56 to128 g/m²)  
  Print cartridge     Cartridge 714  
  Print cartridge yield     500 pages (Based on 5 %)  
  Page collated print( on reception )     Yes (Face down print)  
  Paper output tray capacity     100 sheets (80 g/m² paper)  
  Printing width     216mm  
  Toner save mode     Yes  
  Auto image reduction on reception     Yes ( 100 to 50%, 70%)  

Transmission and reception features

  Transmission speed     3 seconds per page with 33.6K bps modem*  
  Compression method     MH, MR, MMR, JBIG  
  Direct transmission     Yes  
  Memory transmission     Yes  
  Quick memory transmission     Yes  
  FAX memory     1500 pages*
Yes, approx. 3 hours
  Memory backup     3 hour  
  Optional memory     Only as part of optional SEND kit  
  Memory reception     Yes  
  Dual access     Yes  
  Error correction mode(ECM)     Yes  
  Delayed transmission     Yes  
  Sequential broadcast     201 Locations, Max 501 locations with optional SEND kit  
  Polling Transmission     No  
  Reception     No  
  Sub-address transmission     No  
  Batch transmission     No  
  Error re-transmission     Yes  
  Relay broadcasting command     No  
  Relay broadcast     No  
  No. of boxes     No  
  Fax transfer     Yes  
  Fax retrieval( Bulletin board )     No  

Security and management features

  Password user restriction     Yes  
  Direct mail prevention     Yes  
  Confidential transmission     No  
  Confidential mail box     No  
  No. of boxes     No  
  Forced memory reception     Yes  
  Closed network     TBC  
  System management password     Yes  
  Usage management by code     Yes  
  Transmission header     Yes  
  Reception footer     Yes  
  Verification stamp     Yes (Option)  

Telephony features

  One touch dials     80 Locations  
  Coded dials     200 dials, Max 500 dials with optional SEND kit  
  Group dials     199 dials, Max 499 dials with optional SEND kit  
  Program dial     Yes  
  Redial     Yes(Automatic and Manual)  
  Dial search     Yes  
  FAX/TEL auto switch     Yes  
  Answering machine hook up     Yes  
  Remote reception     Yes  
  On hook key     Yes  
  Hold key     No  
  Built in answering machine     No  
  Speaker phone     No  
  Caller ID     No  
  Telephone handset     option  
  Type     (Handset and Cradle) Tel 6  

Copier features

  Memory copy     Yes  
  Direct copy     Yes  
  Copy resolution     600 x 600dpi  
  Copy speed (Mono)     22 copies per minute  
  Multiple copy     Up to 99 copies  
  Reduction     50%, 70%  
  Enlargement     141%, 200%  

Other features

  Internet FAX function (LAN type)     Yes  
  Energy saver key     Yes  
  Others     SEND functionality: Scan to FTP, SMB and E-mail. Universal SEND, Less than 13 secs FCOT, Less than 19 secs warm-up time from Power ON.  

General features

  Dimensions without trays(Wx Dx H)     451mm (H) x 492mm (D) x 520 mm (W)  
  Dimensions with trays(W x D x H)     480mm (H) x 492mm (D) x 520 mm (W)  
  Installation space(with trays & handset)     1027mm x974mm (D x W)  
  Weight     Approx. 24 Kg  
  Power consumption     Max:1010w
Standby: 17W
Sleep: 3w, (3.5w with SEND kit)
  Acoustic Noise Levels     Standby: under 25 dB(A)
Operation: under 66.7 dB(A)


  Items     COLOUR SEND KIT M1
FXL-CST FEEDER 8(A4) – 500 sheet cassette
Tel 6- Telephone handset with cradle
Verification Stamp Unit

Printer Features

  Printer type     Laser Beam Printing  
  Printer speed     22 pages per minutes (A4)  
  Interface     USB & Network Interface card  
  PDL     PCL 5e, PCL 6 & UFRII-LT  
  Memory     Standard: 128 MB(Shared)
Optional SEND kit includes 128MB DDR & 128MB USB memory
  Print resolution     600 x 600dpi
1200 x 600 dpi (enhanced)
  Smoothing     Yes: 1200 x 600 dpi (enhanced)  
  Toner save     Yes  
  Paper sizes     LTR, LGL, A4, B5, A5, Executive, Envelope (COM10, Monarch, DL,ISO-C5) TBC  
  Duplex (Option)     Yes built-in  
  Supplied Drivers     Print, PC Fax  
  Printer     Windows 98,Me, 2000,XP, 2003 Server, VISTA
MAC OS X (Power PC)10.2.8 ~10.4.10 (Printing, PC faxing (TX only)) Web distribution only, schedule November 2007 TBC
MAC OS X (Intel PC )10.4.4 ~10.4.10 (Printing, PC faxing (TX only)) Web distribution only, schedule November 2007 TBC
  Fax     Windows 98,Me, 2000,XP, 2003 Server, VISTA
MAC OS X (Power PC)10.2.8 ~10.4.10 (Printing, PC faxing (TX only)) Web distribution only, schedule November 2007 TBC
MAC OS X (Intel PC )10.4.4 ~10.4.10 (Printing, PC faxing (TX only)) Web distribution only, schedule November 2007 TBC

Network features

  Type     Ethernet (10BaseT/100BaseT)  
  Connection type     RJ45  
  Network protocols     TCP/IP, IPX/SPX  
  Others     SEND: Scan to email, FTP, SMB and Internet Fax, Universal SEND, Remote User Interface
Canon's E-maintenance service compatiblity

*based on ITU-T Standard Chart No.1

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