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CANON LX-MU700 projector

Etusivu / Näytöt/TV / Projektorit / CANON LX-MU700 projector
CANON LX-MU700 projector (0905C003)
CANON LX-MU700 projector (0905C003)
CANON LX-MU700 projector (0905C003)
CANON LX-MU700 projector (0905C003)
CANON LX-MU700 projector (0905C003)
CANON LX-MU700 projector (0905C003)
CANON LX-MU700 projector (0905C003)
CANON LX-MU700 projector (0905C003)
CANON LX-MU700 projector (0905C003)
CANON LX-MU700 projector (0905C003)

CANON LX-MU700 projector


Canon LX MU700 - DLP-projektori - SHP - 7500 lumenia - WUXGA (1920 x 1200) - 16:10 - 1080p - zoomiobjektiivi
  • Teknologia DLP
  • Kirkkaus 7500ANSI Lumen
  • Kontrasti 2100:1
  • Alkuperäinen tarkkuus WUXGA (1920x1200)
  • Paino 20.5Kg
  • Speakers Ei
  • 3d-ready Kyllä
4 804,83 €
5 957,99 € (sis. ALV)
Varastossa 1

Brightness and reliability

For bright, clear and wide images in a broad range of installation environments, choose the LX-MU700 projector. Its dual lamps not only deliver a stunning 7,500 lumens brightness, even in large rooms or spaces with high ambient light levels, they also bring you added reliability. Your presentation, lecture or display remains operational even if one lamp fails, so your audience will never be disappointed.

Sharp, convincing images

Native WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution ensures sharper images and smoother graphics. Unlike LCD projectors, the LX-MU700’s DLP panel delivers consistently fine images throughout its lifecycle, so your projections won’t deteriorate over time. A 2,100:1 contrast ratio delivers pure colours and deep blacks – enhancing your audience’s experience. To ensure the best results for every task and environment, a choice of two 6-colour wheels lets you easily optimise your images for either brightness or contrast.

Flexible lens choices

With 7 high-quality interchangeable Canon lenses to choose from, from fixed short all the way to ultra-long zoom, it’s easy to find the perfect choice for your projection distance and environment. Whether you use one lens or several, you’ll appreciate how the lens memory function instantly recalls your preferred shift, focus and zoom settings. It’s a valuable time saver if your projector has different uses within a single space, like a lecture theatre where audience size varies.

Versatile connectivity options

The LX-MU700 helps you take full advantage of today’s innovative high quality digital sources. An HDBaseT port lets you transmit HD video, audio and control signals along a single LAN cable over distances up to 100m – adding a new dimension of flexibility to your installation options. Additional HDMI, DVI and Display ports, plus 5 x BNC connectors, give you compatibility with a wide choice of digital video and computer-based sources.

Easily achieve great results

Power up your projector, and the Screen Trigger Output capability automatically lowers your screen and positions it for the projected aspect, helping you maintain optimum image quality. Ease of setup and operation is further enhanced by vertical keystone correction of +/-40° - ensuring accurate image geometry from almost any angle.

Easy, affordable maintenance and ownership

The LX-MU700 is designed for hassle-free ownership: so its lamps and filters are easily replaced without removing the projector from its installation environment – keeping downtime to an absolute minimum. And with up to 6,000 hours lamp life and 35dBA in Eco Mode (single lamp), the LX-MU700 represents an appealingly economical ownership proposition.

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