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CONTOUR DESIGN Contour RollerMouse Red Plus Kabling Sort Sølv

Frontpage Computers Keyboard & Mouse CONTOUR DESIGN Contour RollerMouse Red Plus Kabling Sort Sølv
CONTOUR DESIGN Contour RollerMouse Red Plus Kabling Sort Sølv (RM-RED PLUS WIRED-B)

CONTOUR DESIGN Contour RollerMouse Red Plus Kabling Sort Sølv

  • Type Keyboard, RollerMouse
  • Localization Nordic
  • Connectivity Wired
  • Interface USB
€486,98  ex. sales tax
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Contour Balance Keyboard
The Balance Keyboard is designed to be compatible with RollerMouse Red, Red plus and Free3. When you use the keyboard with a RollerMouse, you get even closer to your workstation and you can easily get to the rollerbar and the keyboard. The ergonomic design, with adjustable legs and a tilt function, makes it easy to adjust between a negative, neutral and positive writing angle.

Balance Keyboard is a Windows keyboard with Windows key setup, but is also compatible with MAC. The keyboard is equipped with media keys that make it easy to perform everyday tasks. The keys can be programmed to fit your exact needs.

Traditional function keys (F1-F12) are also available and the Fn lock function allows you to use them whenever you need them.

The keyboard uses smart energy-saving technology, and is available in both a wireless and wired version.

With RollerMouse Red Plus you have all the benefits of the RollerMouse Red with the addition of an extended, leatherette wrist rest. The tapered angle and soft inner core of the extended palm support contour to the shape of hand providing support for both the arms and hands by distributing pressure over a wider area.

With its solid, sleek and durable aluminum frame, the RollerMouse Red Plus houses a new advanced rollerbar and eight centralized button functions.

Seven sensors inside the rollerbar automatically track cursor position, constantly adjusting speed and acceleration to ensure the rollerbar is as central as possible, and adapting to your pace of work to decrease micromovements and increase efficiency.

The new thicker and textured rollerbar offers better feel for increased control and less strain. The larger surface of the rollerbar gives you more control when pointing, rolling or clicking. RollerMouse Red was designed to adapt to the diverse needs of today’s computer users, working with programs ranging from CAD to general Office applications.

The mechanical mouse click has been replaced with an electronic click to eliminate click trauma and reduce the risk of unnecessary strain.

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