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COREL WinZip Pro Edu 1yr

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COREL WinZip Pro Edu 1yr Maint&Home Use Plan Multi-Lng,  Maintenance,  From 200-499 (LCWZPROMLMNT1AF)

COREL WinZip Pro Edu 1yr Maint&Home Use Plan Multi-Lng, Maintenance, From 200-499

2,66 €
3,30 € (sis. ALV)
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Unzip all major formats
With just a click, open all major compression file types, including Zip, Zipx, RAR, 7Z, TAR, GZIP and more.

Protect your files
Easily encrypt files as you zip to keep information and data secure. Add watermarks to deter unauthorized copying.

Do more with your files
Convert Microsoft Office files to PDF and easily resize photos to more convenient sharing sizes as you zip.

Share anywhere
Connect to your cloud services, and share via social media and email while keeping your files secure.

WinZip multi-user software licenses are deployed in thousands of companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations around the world. From two to 200,000 users, WinZip can help you save time, reduce bandwidth consumption, decrease storage requirements, and secure sensitive information.

Whether you're a small business owner looking for a simple, affordable file compression and data backup solution or a large enterprise IT administrator faced with complex compliance and file management issues, don't worry. WinZip's got you covered!

About Multi-User Implementations
WinZip file compression products are perfectly designed for multi-user implementations—not only are they attractively priced and easy to install on any scale, but each product is designed to be well-behaved and easily configurable across networks.

Attractively priced volume licenses
- Order online or visit our Ordering Information page
- Learn more about our licensing terms and information

Easy-to-deploy application
- WinZip MSI supports use of network management tools to push software to client PCs
- Silent installation via Group Policy
- Single registration for multiple copies

Customizable installation parameters
- Allow or suppress specific WinZip functionality (e.g., ability to run automated jobs, edit file associations, auto-open MS Office docs, show desktop gadget, enable ribbon themes, etc.)
- Set default compression method
- Set and enforce password policy and encryption protocol

Well-behaved software
- No prompts for activation/registration
- No prompts for updates
- No extraneous offer links

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