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Etusivu / Muut / Verkko / Kytkimet / D-LINK DLINK Switch DGS-3630-52PC/SI F-FEEDS
D-LINK DLINK Switch DGS-3630-52PC/ SI F-FEEDS (DGS-3630-52PC/SI)


  • Tuote Managed
  • Portit 48
  • Nopeus 10Gbps

Outperforming the competition
The DGS-3630-28TC was benchmarked against a market leading competitor's device. It matched or exceeded the competitor's performance across all tests despite being significantly lower in price with a much lower power consumption.

Versatile Management
The DGS-3630 Series provides:
- Network Assistant Utility
- Industry-standard CLI
- Intuitive web-based management interface
Support for SNMP allows centralized management of a large number of devices and out-of-band management is available via a dedicated console port.
A mini-USB console port allows the DGS-3630 Series to be managed without any extra connectors, and a USB Type A port can be used to store logs, configuration, and firmware images.

High Availability and Flexibility
Includes stacking technology, which allows multiple switches to be combined to form a single physical or virtual stack.
Scale your network using just a stacking cable and without the need for stacking modules.
Increased redundancy over multiple physical units, simplifies management and provides a single IP address to manage all members in the stack.

Security, Performance & Availability
Robust set of QoS features helps ensure that critical network services such as Voice over IP and video conferencing are given high priority through the network.
The D-Link Safeguard Engine increases the switch’s reliability, serviceability, and availability by preventing malicious flooding traffic caused by worms or virus attacks.

- Designed for Small to Medium Businesses, Enterprises and ISPs
- Deliver high performance, flexibility, fault tolerance, and advanced software features
- Gigabit Ethernet SFP, 10 GbE SFP+, security features, and advanced Quality of Service (QoS), the DGS-3630 Series can act as core, distribution or access layer switches
- High port densities, switch stacking, and easy management make the DGS-3630 Series suitable for a variety of applications
- DGS-3630-28PC and DGS-3630-52PC feature Power over Ethernet, which allows PoE-powered devices to be powered by the switch through a standard Ethernet cable

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