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Etusivu Tietokoneet Kannettavat DELL PM5680 I9-13900H/16UHT-OLED/32GB/1TBSSD+2TBSSD/IRC/RTX3500/11P/3PS
DELL PM5680 I9-13900H/ 16UHT-OLED/ 32GB/ 1TBSSD+2TBSSD/ IRC/ RTX3500/ 11P/ 3PS (65X67-060)


  • Malli Dell Precision 5680
  • Näytön koko 16"
  • Resoluutio 3840 x 2400
  • Kosketusnäyttö Kyllä
  • Paino 1.905Kg
  • Mobiililaajakaistan Ei
  • OS Windows 11 Pro
  • Levy 0GB
  • SSD / Flash 3TB
  • Muisti 32GB
  • CPU Gen 13th gen Intel® Core™ i9
  • Diskreetti grafiikka NVIDIA RTX 3500 Ada
  • Takuu / Kuukaudet 36
  • Lokalisaatio Pohjoismainen
  • CTO / BTO Ei
  • Aspect ratio 16:10
5 267,47 €
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Dell Precision 5680 Workstation

The Precision 5680 has a premium look and feel that delivers exceptional performance. With an optional OLED UHD+ touch display and 4 "Grade A" speakers, paired with up to NVIDIA RTX 5000 Ada Gen graphics it is an outstanding workstation for creative and design applications.

Dell Optimizer
  • Intelligence built around you: Automatically personalise and boost the performance of your system and its entire ecosystem with Dell Optimizer, an AI-based optimisation software that learns and responds to the way you work.
  • Personalised Performance: Intelligence and machine learning elevate productivity by automatically personalising performance features across your entire ecosystem, making them the Dell’s most intelligent PCs.
  • Intelligent Collaboration: Get the Dell’s most intelligent collaboration experience with smart audio conferencing, connectivity and productivity features – all in one software.
  • Safe, secure and manageable: We ensure optimisation and data collection follows a stringent process to keep your information safe. Any data we do gather is analyzed locally on your system to improve your personal PC experience.
Responsible packaging
Precision Mobile Workstations ship in packaging made from 100% recycled or renewable materials and is 100% recyclable.
Recycle your old device
Help us in our mission to make our products with at least 50% recycled or renewable content. Send your e-waste (any brand) to us for recycling or reuse in support of a circular economy.

Dell APEX PC-as-a-Service
Accelerate anywhere work experiences with customisable plans to help you deploy, manage, support devices. Leverage both the built-in protections of the industry’s most secure commercial PCs and software protections for advanced threats to help ensure a trusted workplace for a predictable price per month.


  • 13th Gen Intel Core i5-13600H vPro, 18 MB cache, 12 cores, 24 threads, 2.70 GHz to 4.50 GHz, 45W
  • 13th Gen Intel Core i7-13700H non-vPro Essentials, 24 MB cache, 14 cores, 28 threads, 3.70 GHz to 5.0 GHz, 45W
  • 13th Gen Intel Core i7-13800H vPro, 24 MB cache, 14 cores, 28 threads, 4.0 GHz to 5.20 GHz, 45W
  • 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13900H vPro, 24 MB cache, 14 cores, 28 threads, 4.10 GHz to 5.40 GHz, 45W
  • Windows 11 Home, 64-bit
  • Windows 11 Pro, 64-bit
  • Win 11 Pro with Win 10 downgrade option
  • Ubuntu 22.04
  • RHEL
  • 16GB, 6400MT/s, LPDDR5x, Soldered Memory
  • 32GB, 6000MT/s, LPDDR5x, Soldered Memory
  • 64 GB, 6000 MT/s, LPDDR5x, Soldered Memory
  • Intel Integrated Graphics UMA
  • Intel Arc Pro A60M
  • NVIDIA RTX A1000, DDR6, 6GB memory
  • NVIDIA RTX 2000, Ada Generation DDR6, 8GB memory
  • NVIDIA RTX 3500 Ada Generation DDR6, 12GB memory
  • NVIDIA RTX 4000 Ada Generation DDR6, 12 GB memory NVIDIA
  • RTX 5000 Ada Generation DDR6, 16 GB memory NVIDIA GeForce
  • RTX 4090 GPU 16 GB
  • Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics, USB Type-C port with DisplayPort Alt
  • mode and Thunderbolt 4, Shared system memory, 13th Generation
  • Intel Core i5/i7/i9
  • M.2 2230, 256GB, PCIe NVMe Gen4 x4, Class 35 SSD
  • M.2 2280, 512 GB, PCIe NVMe Gen4 x4, Class 40 SSD
  • M.2 2280, 1TB, PCIe NVMe Gen4 x4, Class 40 SSD
  • M.2 2280, 2TB, PCIe NVMe Gen4 x4, Class 40 SSD
  • M.2 2280, 4TB, PCIe NVMe Gen4 x4, Class 40 SSD
  • M.2 2280, 512GB, PCIe NVMe Gen4 x4, Class 40 SSD, self-encrypting drive
  • M.2 2280, 1TB, PCIe NVMe Gen4 x4, Class 40 SSD, self-encrypting drive
  • Secure Digital (SD)
  • Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC)
  • Secure Digital Extended Capacity (SDXC)
  • Sensor resolution: 500DPI
  • Front: 20.5mm, (.80in) without rubber foot, 26.17 with foot
  • Rear: 22.17mm, (0.87in) without rubber foot, 26.17mm with foot
  • Width: 353.68mm, (13.92in)
  • Depth: 240.33mm, (9.46 in)
  • Weight (minimum): 1.91Kg, (4.20lbs) [with 4-cell battery]
  • Resolution: Horizontal 1770, Vertical 1039
  • Dimensions: Horizontal 150.9mm, Vertical 90mm
  • Dual array microphones
  • 4x speakers (grade A)
  • Intel® AX211 WiFi 6E and Bluetooth® 5.3 wireless card
  • 4-cell (66Whr) or 6-cell (99.5Whr) Lithium-Ion polymer battery with Express Charge Boost
  • Long life cycle battery option
  • 16” FHD+ non-touch, 1920 x 1200, WVA, 60Hz, 500 nits WLED, Low BL w/ IR Cam, DCI-P3 100%
  • 16” OLED touch, 3840 x 2400, 60Hz, WVA, 400 nits WLED, Adobe 100% min and DCI-P3 100% typ, 99% min w/ IR Cam
  • Spill resistant, backlit keyboard
  • 100W UMA
  • Height: 26mm
  • Width: 60mm
  • Depth: 122mm
  • Input voltage (maximum): 240VAC
  • Input voltage (minimum): 100VAC
  • Input frequency maximum): 60Hz
  • Input frequency (minimum): 50Hz
  • Input current (maximum): 1.7A
  • Output current (continuous) 5A
  • Rated Output Voltage: 20VDC
  • 165W Discrete & UMA
  • Height: 22mm
  • Width: 66mm
  • Depth: 136mm
  • Input voltage (maximum): 240VAC
  • Input voltage (minimum): 100VAC
  • Input frequency maximum): 60Hz
  • Input frequency (minimum): 50Hz
  • Input current (maximum): 2.2A
  • Output current (continuous) 5.89A
  • Rated Output Voltage: 28VDC
CAMERA FHD RGB IR camera, Clover Falls+ presence detection sensor, ambient light sensor, Windows Hello compliance No camera/mic option for FED (FHD panel only) PORTS AND SLOTS
  • (2) ThunderBolt™ 4 ports with PowerDelivery
  • USB Type-C™/ Display port alt
  • Universal audio jack
  • SD-card slot
  • Wedge-shaped lock slot
  • Optional Smart Card Reader
  • HDMI 2.0
  • Also ships with a Dongle with USB Type A

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