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JABRA Perform Charging Stand - 5-Bay EMEA Charger NS

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JABRA Perform Charging Stand - 5-Bay EMEA Charger  NS (14207-93)

JABRA Perform Charging Stand - 5-Bay EMEA Charger NS

€179,90  ex. sales tax
Expected in stock 26.7.2024

Take charge
Whether it’s a quarterly stock-take or a new season launch, sometimes the backroom can be as busy as the retail floor. if you and your team rely on Perform 45 headsets to stay connected and help customers, make sure they’re always charged and ready for the start of the shift with the Perform Charging Stand.

Back to base
Like team sports, some things are designed for group work. Perform Charging Stand is a docking station that can charge and update up to five headsets. Cutting down on the clutter of multiple charging cables and leads, the stand streamlines your charging set-up so there’s always a headset ready when you need it. And after the home run of a busy shift, bring them back to base to be charged up, ready for the next outing.

Ready to deploy
Backroom areas can get crowded and busy, particularly at shift change time. Perform Charging Stand is space efficient, fitting perfectly on your standard 19-inch rack shelving. And if you’re in a hurry to get out onto the retail floor, the LED indicator on each Perform 45 shows the charging status of the headset so you’ll know which one is ready: you may want to skip the red one which is charging, and grab the blue lit one at full power.

Built to last
With a sturdy design, Perform Charging Stand is built for tough stockroom and retail environments and comes with a 2-year warranty. What’s more, as well as being sturdy on the outside, the stand provides a handy one-stop base for firmware updates for docked headsets. Connect Perform Charging Stand to a computer via USB to manage, update and customize five headsets using Jabra Direct, Jabra Xpress or SDK.

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