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KITRONIK Compact All-In-One Robotics Board for BBC micro:bit
SKU: 5693
Kitronik Compact Robotics Boardin avulla BBC micro:bitillä voidaan ajaa 4 moottoria (tai 2 askelmoottoria) ja 8 servoa. Yhdessä 17 muun I / O-laajennuspisteen kanssa tämä tarkoittaa, että BBC micro:bitistä voi helposti tulla monenlaisten robotiikkaprojektien ydin. Lauta on pienikokoinen, mutta ominaisuuksiltaan ja liitettävyydeltään suuri.
€24,67  ex. sales tax
KITRONIK micro:bit v2.2 Go Starter kit
SKU: ED00549
Meet the new micro:bit; a pocket-sized computer that you can code, customise and control to bring your digital ideas to life. Perfect for getting creative in the classroom, the micro:bit V2 features easier ways to use sound and touch; sense and react to sounds with the built-in microphone, play sounds with the integrated speaker and the touch sensor allows for fantastic new interactions. Other enhancements include more computing power and an energy saving mode to prolong battery life. The Go Starter Kit is supplied as a retail pack containing a micro:bit, USB cable, battery holder, batteries and quick start guide.
€32,75  ex. sales tax
In stock 12
KITRONIK ARCADE for MakeCodeArcade block editor Kitronik
SKU: 5311
ARCADE is a programmable gamepad for use with MakeCode Arcade. Develop your coding skills by creating and modding games with Blocks and JavaScript in MakeCode.
€38,66  ex. sales tax
In stock 12
Showing 1-60 of 88 items