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LittleBits Double AND

Frontpage Maker LittleBits LittleBits Double AND
LittleBits Double AND (650-0074)
LittleBits Double AND (650-0074)
LittleBits Double AND (650-0074)
LittleBits Double AND (650-0074)

LittleBits Double AND

  • Type Gaming
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The double AND Bit is a logic gate with 2 inputs and one output. In order for the AND gate to output an ON signal, both inputs need to be ON at the same time. When this happens, you are able to activate any output module like an LED, a DC motor, or a buzzer. Building circuits with logic Bits is essentially the equivalent of physical prograqmming. Logic Bits create rules for your circuit to follow, giving you more ability to create interesting and complex interactions. The double AND Bit is a good option for projects in which you want two actions to trigger another.

- The Shift Key on a keyboard
- Door with two locks

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