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LittleBits Servo o11
SKU: 650-0042
The servo is a controllable motor that can swing back and forth, or be turned to a specific position. This servo has a cross axle shaft that works with any littleBits accessory with a cross axle opening. Try attaching a flag to the servo to make it wave back and forth!
Type: Gaming
€35,73  ex. sales tax
LittleBits Educator Starter Kit
SKU: 680-0033
The littleBits At-Home Learning Starter Kit provides an easy-to-follow, flexible, and powerful solution for reinforcing STEAM learning at home.This kit is ideal for educators to send home for individualized learning and can be easily facilitated and guided by parents. Our goal is to give you the tools and support you need to empower learners in any environment to create, experiment, and become critical problem solvers through play-based learning and project-based lessons.
Type: Gaming
€77,60  ex. sales tax
In stock 15
LittleBits Space Rover Inventor Kit
SKU: 680-0021
Creative kids build and customize a planetary rover and undertake missions inspired by NASA astronauts. Do you have what it takes to explore space? Complete Rover Academy to prove it!
Type: Gaming
€258,82  ex. sales tax
LittleBits littleBits Random
SKU: 650-0129
The random Bit creates unpredictable voltages and trigger signals to create complex sound sequences. It can either produce white noise, or it can control oscillators to make them play random pitches.
Type: Gaming
€19,50  ex. sales tax
In stock 22
LittleBits Motion Trigge_
SKU: 650-0018
With this Bit, you can control your circuits with motion. The motion trigger is similar to the sensor on an automatic door: when someone is moving nearby, it sends an ON signal to the following Bits. It's very sensitive, so don't move a muscle unless you want to be detected! Try it with some LEDs to create a security light.
Type: Gaming
€42,23  ex. sales tax
In stock 3
LittleBits Fork_
SKU: 650-0077
The fork gives you more options for connecting your Bits; it lets you connect a single Bit to as many as 3 others. If you place an input before the fork, it will control all 3 outputs at once, such as light, sound, and motion.
Type: Gaming
€17,33  ex. sales tax
LittleBits Sequencer_
SKU: 650-0008
The sequencer allows you to connect up to 8 outputs and control them in sequential patterns. Sequences that would take as long as 4 days to program without littleBits will only take you seconds!
Type: Gaming
€48,73  ex. sales tax
In stock 1
LittleBits Long LED_
SKU: 650-0032
The long LED is a flexible lighting option. We call it the "long" LED because the light is connected to the board by a cable, which lets you put the light in some interesting places. One of our favorite tricks is to place the LED in the middle of a foam ball to make it glow!
Type: Lighting
€28,15  ex. sales tax
LittleBits Button
SKU: 650-0003
You know what a button is! It’s a classic: big, round, and springy. Push to turn your creation on, and release to turn it off. Snap a buzzer in place after your button to sound out signals in morse code!
Type: Gaming
€11,92  ex. sales tax
In stock 6
LittleBits Double OR_
SKU: 650-0073
The OR Bit is a logic gate with 2 inputs. If input 1 OR input 2 is receiving an ON signal, then it sends an ON signal from its output.
Type: Gaming
€15,17  ex. sales tax
In stock 10
LittleBits Timeout_
SKU: 650-0017
The timeout Bit is a settable timer. Try it after a button and follow it with a light. Press and release the button to start the countdown.
Type: Gaming
€17,33  ex. sales tax
In stock 25
LittleBits UV LED_
SKU: 650-0045
The UV LED (or "UltraViolet Light-Emitting Diode") Bit sends out a special kind of light. It looks purple to the eye, but it has some special abilities, like making white fabrics and certain inks glow in the dark.
Type: Lighting
€15,17  ex. sales tax
Showing 1-60 of 84 items