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Makeblock Me LED Matrix 8 × 16

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Makeblock Me LED Matrix 8 × 16 (13412)
Makeblock Me LED Matrix 8 × 16 (13412)
Makeblock Me LED Matrix 8 × 16 (13412)
Makeblock Me LED Matrix 8 × 16 (13412)
Makeblock Me LED Matrix 8 × 16 (13412)
Makeblock Me LED Matrix 8 × 16 (13412)
Makeblock Me LED Matrix 8 × 16 (13412)
Makeblock Me LED Matrix 8 × 16 (13412)

Makeblock Me LED Matrix 8 × 16


Oletko koskaan kuvitellut, kunka eloisaa olisi, jos robotissasi olisi dynaaminen etulevy? Me LED Matrix 8x16:lla voit luoda ilmeitä, animaatioita tai muita hauskoja tehosteita. Liitä palikoita yhteen visuaalisella mBlock-ohjelmointilielellä, joka perustuu avoimen lähdekoodin Scratch 2.0:aan. Näin saat luotua oman yksilöllisen ilmeen, animaation tai vierivän tekstin. Tämä menetelmä tekee ohjelmoinnista ja interaktiivisten sovellusten tekemisestä aiempaa yksinkertaisempaa. Makeblock Me LED Matrix 8x16, ohjelmoitava LED-levy mbotille, 128 LED-valoa.
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What's Me LED Matrix 8 × 16?
Have you ever imagined how vivid it would be if a dynamic face plate is added on your robot like mBot? Me LED Matrix 8x16 is an awesome place to start. You can create expressions, animations, or all sorts of other fun displays with them.

Programmable by mBlock
Drag-and-customized your own emotion, animation, scrolling-captions with mBlock which is a graphical programming environment based on Scratch 2.0 Open Source Code. It makes programming projects and interactive applications easier thru simply dragging and dropping function block.

Clear and Bright
This Me LED Matrix 8 x 16 has 128 blue LEDS packed into 16 x 8 dot matrix. This feature enables you to show your animations or characters clearly and brightly.

Enhanced Display Effect
Translucent acrylic will enhance the display effect of animations and characters.

Great Compatibility
Specially designed M4 through holes on Me LED Matrix 8 × 16 enables you to assembly with other Makeblock items just by tightening the screws.

Have Fun with mBot
This Me LED Matrix 8 x 16 is frequently-used together with mBot. Add this Me LED Matrix 8 x 16 to your mBot to color your experience of playing with the robot. It's highly welcomed by mBot users.

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