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RED HAT JBoss BPM Suite Full Support 6

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RED HAT JBoss BPM Suite Full Support 6 (MCT3137F3)

RED HAT JBoss BPM Suite Full Support 6

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As the leader of a Java™ organization, you struggle to deliver business value and innovation to market faster than your competition. Your application development teams must meet strict, diverse requirements while improving efficiency and decreasing costs. To keep up with today’s pace, your organization has to deliver new applications and updates in days or weeks—not months. But speedy delivery of new features is not the only requirement. Applications must also be reliable, perform smoothly at large scale with millions of connections, and meet strict security and compliance expectations.

Beyond rapidly delivering high-quality applications, your teams must grapple with application deployment in different environments. Legacy applications are mostly deployed in on-premise or virtual environments, and new applications are increasingly being deployed into private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.

Successful leaders are turning to DevOps methodologies, microservices architectures, and containers to accelerate application development and delivery, maintain high levels of quality and reliability, and achieve technical flexibility. To support these new approaches, you must choose a platform flexible enough to meet diverse application needs. The right platform can help you:

- Rapidly deploy web-scale Java EE applications to cloud environments
- Standardize and simplify infrastructure
- Support on-premise deployments
- Attain high levels of developer productivity

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