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REFLECTA Crystal-Line Motor RC lux 240x175 (236x133)

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REFLECTA Crystal-Line Motor RC lux 240x175 (236x133) (87713)

REFLECTA Crystal-Line Motor RC lux 240x175 (236x133)


Reflecta Crystal-Line Motor lux - Heijastusnäyttö - kattoon asennettava, seinään asennettava - moottoroitu - 107" (271 cm) - 16:9 - Matte White
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€212,43  ex. sales tax
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The new reflecta CrystalLine Motor are characterized by the very good Price/Performance ratio. The sophisticated Rollo/Motor Mechanism permits easy extending and retracting. The quality fabric gives a brilliant image to the viewer.

- Radio Controlled Remote-
Control included
- Viewing angle 120°
- Thickness 0.30 mm
- Black Border
- Front matte white, rear black
- Gain factor 1.1
- Wall or Ceiling mounting

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