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SEEK THERMAL ShotPRO - thermal camera, 76.8k Pixel, SeekFusion technology

Frontpage Cameras, VR/AR Video Cameras SEEK THERMAL ShotPRO - thermal camera, 76.8k Pixel, SeekFusion technology
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SEEK THERMAL ShotPRO - thermal camera, 76.8k Pixel, SeekFusion technology


Seek Thermal ShotPRO is an advanced thermal camera dedicated primarily to specialists in the construction industry. It helps identify short circuits, leaks, mechanical failures, underfloor heating problems and other faults that waste energy and pose a risk to residents.It records temperatures in the range from -40 °C to +330 °C. Thanks to SeekFusion™ technology, the thermal sensor with a high sensitivity of 320x240 pixels, 16 times larger than other devices at a comparable price and a wide 57-degree field of view, the reading becomes more accurate.It enables an immediate analysis of the captured image using built-in measurement tools. By adding point measurements and temperature fields, the crash report is faster, which can be instantly shared on a smartphone or tablet thanks to Wi-Fi.The device also has a built-in tripod holder, which facilitates work and enables continuous monitoring. Thanks to its compact size, it is very handy. It works in harsh conditions. Works both day and night.The set includes a strap that makes it easy to wear on the wrist.Analysis on the deviceBuilt-in professional photo processing tools allow you to edit and analyze photos at the point of failure directly from the device. Adding more point measurements, separating key areas with temperature fields, and changing color palettes make problem identification faster and more accurate. With easy-to-understand images that clearly show breakdowns, energy losses and mechanical failures, it takes less time to repair a single breakdown, allowing you to take more orders at the same time and significantly expand your customer base.

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