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SONY Mobile projector

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SONY Mobile projector (MP-CD1)
SONY Mobile projector (MP-CD1)
SONY Mobile projector (MP-CD1)
SONY Mobile projector (MP-CD1)
SONY Mobile projector (MP-CD1)
SONY Mobile projector (MP-CD1)
SONY Mobile projector (MP-CD1)
SONY Mobile projector (MP-CD1)
SONY Mobile projector (MP-CD1)
SONY Mobile projector (MP-CD1)
SONY Mobile projector (MP-CD1)
SONY Mobile projector (MP-CD1)
SONY Mobile projector (MP-CD1)
SONY Mobile projector (MP-CD1)

SONY Mobile projector

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Sony MP-CD1 - DLP-projektori - 105 ANSI lumenia - WVGA (854 x 480) - 16:9
  • Teknologia DLP
  • Kirkkaus 105ANSI Lumen
  • Kontrasti 400:1
  • Alkuperäinen tarkkuus WVGA (854x480)
  • Paino 280g
  • Speakers Kyllä
  • 3d-ready Ei

Ideal companion for business professionals, gamers and movie fans

In spite of its pocket-sized design, Sony’s new MP-CD1 Mobile Projector packs a powerful ANSI 105-lumen punch for bright and dynamic pictures. Use it with media-streaming dongles, smartphones, laptops and gaming consoles. For business presentations, weekend parties or outdoor events, the MP-CD1 is the go-anywhere projector you’ve always wanted.

Put on a show anywhere, anytime

The MP-CD1 is impressively compact and weighs only 9.88 ounces. Just slip it into your briefcase or backpack, and you know you’ll always be ready to make a business pitch during the day or stream an action movie at night.

ANSI 105-lumen output

With Texas Instruments DLP® IntelliBright™ technology to intelligently manage brightness and power consumption, this projector punches above its weight. Even in a pocket-friendly size, it offers high brightness (ANSI 105 lumens), thanks to the unique design for minimal heat build-up.

Simple setup, quick start

Just connect the HDMI cable from your PC and press the projector’s power button. The MP-CD1 boots up in only 5 seconds, so you can go straight into your business presentation without missing a beat.

Wireless connectivity & media streaming with HDMI dongle

You can attach a HDMI dongle to provides wireless connectivity for many laptop computers and smartphones4. The HDMI and USB ports on the MP-CD1 accept a variety of media-streaming devices/dongles, for access to a wide range of video sources, such as YouTube™ or Netflix.

2-hour battery life

The built-in 5000 mAh battery is good for up to 2 hours of projection time—enough for a full-length movie.

Short throw, large display

The size of the projected image depends on distance, but even for the maximum size (120 inches) you only need 11.32 feet. Even a small living room is just fine.

Get straight down to work

The MP-CD1 features automatic keystone correction. You can place it directly on a table or desk and project a full-screen display without any need to prop it up or use a tripod. It will shine in any business situation.

Premium aluminum design

This IF award winning projector looks at home even in the smartest surroundings thanks to its clean lines and premium aluminum body.

Luxurious black case

Supplied with the MP-CD1 is an elegant black carrying case that protects the projector and lens from bumps and scratches. The slipcase design means the projector can be charged without removing it from the case. Other accessories include an HDMI cable, a USB C-C cable for charging, and an adapter so you can also charge with a USB-A to micro USB cable6.

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